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The founders of our company have been purveyors of the hospitality, restaurant, and catering industries since they came to America, 40 some years ago. In this country of fair opportunities for all, we have supplied the best and most renowned restaurants, caterers, hotels, casinos & resorts. Perfection in our service, variety of products and the best price are our creed.

Mason Jars


First and foremost, we are here to help!!!

We have a large network of professional partners, throughout the world, with whom we work regularly; innovating new designs and trends for our authentic lines of product. Our ties to many international chefs and culinary experts enable us to be immediately responsive to the needs of our clients – demands of particular and special markets, cuisines & trends. With this in mind, we strive to offer the best products at the best price, all while providing exceptional service. We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with you, our client – as we grow together.


Hotels and Resorts, Casino buffets, Caterers, Banquet facilities, Pastry shops, Restaurants, Chocolatiers, Executive and Pastry Chefs choose our tools and equipment for their kitchens and dining floors. The variety we offer broadens their choice for presentation of items on their menus. Our customer service team can help you decide the appropriate vessel necessary for each & every item you plan to serve. Should you not be happy with any of our offerings, don’t fret. We will find or make it for you.

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