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SKU: MA-345074

The Matfer Bourgeat Exoglass Loaf Mold is a high-performance mold, made of Matfers Exoglass material, that creates professional quality meat and bread loaves. Designed with a 1/5 widening on each side of the mold, to produce a classic loaf shape. Manufactured in France, Matfer’s Exoglass material is a patented polyamide material developed by Matfer that is highly durable, nonstick, non-porous and easy to sterilize. Its nonstick surface eliminates greasing resulting in a clean release during depanning. Exoglass further ensures durability that will withstand heavy use in professional kitchens. Freezer and oven safe, Exoglass molds have a resistance to temperatures ranging from -4F to 482F. Dishwasher safe. NSF Certified.


7.875 x 3.167 x 3.167 x D in
38.875 oz.

    • Shipping Dimensions

      12 × 6 × 4 in


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